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Tahnee Roberts, MS, LPC-S, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Tahnee is licensed to practice in the state of Colorado, Utah, and Florida.


I am truly passionate about providing support to individuals who are dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, challenging life transitions, personality disorders, and relational difficulties. Life's complexities can often make you feel stuck or disconnected, leaving you wondering about your place in this world. These struggles can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and strained relationships. My primary aim is to help you regain a sense of stability, cultivate more fulfilling relationships, and uncover purpose and meaning in your life.


In my therapeutic practice, I customize my approach to suit your specific needs, utilizing evidence-based techniques and solutions. Through collaborative efforts, we will address the root causes of your challenges and work together to overcome them. Some of the therapeutic techniques I offer include CBT, DBT, ACT, SFT, and EMDR, among others.

Starting the counseling journey can indeed be intimidating, which is why I am dedicated to establishing a secure and non-judgmental space where I can support you in every possible way. Counseling serves as an invaluable opportunity to explore your questions, foster stronger connections, and enhance your internal resources.


 If you find resonance with my approach and are in these states, I'm here to provide the support you need on your journey towards healing and growth.


Tahnee received her Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University in 2018. Before transitioning into counseling, she gained invaluable experience as a Behavior Therapist, specializing in working with children with Autism.

Tahnee also served in the US Navy provides her with insight into the distinctive obstacles encountered by military personnel and their families.

Furthermore, Tahnee has received training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), enhancing her therapeutic toolkit to better assist her clients in processing trauma and related issues.


To schedule your session with Tahnee, you may call/text her at 719-368-9248 or email her at

Tahnee currently has a waitlist for morning availability.

Tahnee provides in-person sessions in Colorado Springs or telehealth sessions throughout Colorado, Florida or Utah.

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